What are our values, and why are they important?

Our company values are a set of behaviors and actions that set the tone for our organization. Internally, they describe the behaviors we expect of ourselves and our fellow employees. Externally, our values inform customers and prospects about the type of relationship they can expect when they choose to work with us.

Our values influence everything we do at SAS — from the software we create, to our social media interactions, to our conversations with each other and our customers.

Presentation Slides

Want to talk about our company values in your presentation? Choose from these slides to add visual interest to your discussion. 

Social Tiles for Country Offices

Administers of country office brand accounts can share our values on social, and explain how they resonate locally. There are numerous design options to choose from to translate tiles into your local language.

Digital Signage

Digital signage templates for sharing our values message in a consistent and visually compelling way in country offices across the globe.

Brand Posters

Company Values LinkedIn Banners