Our campaigns are a conversation.

We want to build ongoing relationships with our customers. We seek to understand their needs so that we present the right information at the right time along their business journey.

From the email inbox to the trade show floor, we strive to make every campaign visually striking and emotionally engaging. The creative assets should work seamlessly across a variety of media.

Online Communications

Campaign Email Banners

Email is an important tool for building relationships and often serves as the first touchpoint in a campaign. The content and design of an email should engage your target audience, provide useful information and prompt an action.

Emails are built in Adobe Experience Manager, the web content management tool we use to build external websites and email campaigns. Quick-start templates have been designed to provide consistent brand elements with the flexibility to customize individual campaigns. They are optimized to work on a wide variety of devices and email programs. There are six standard layout options; we provide multiple banner options for each image type that you can choose from.

Campaign Landing Page Banners

To provide consistency across our website, we use a single banner graphic for white paper and report promotions. To ensure that the landing page coordinates with multiple campaigns, the banner image is always midnight blue. Custom banners are allowed for live events.

"Who is SAS?" Handout

Looking for an introduction to SAS you can leave behind after your event?

Trade Show Booths

Our booth properties come in all shapes and sizes. Vibrant colors can be dominant or used as supporting colors in a design, but midnight blue should always be present. The Radiance illustration can be used as a secondary art element. The images for the Expolinc pop-up booth should follow the brand creative guidelines. There are three preferred options: portraits, portrait on color blocks, or icons on color blocks. Other types of appropriate photography include industry, environments and landscapes.

Multi-Purpose Expolinc Booth​

Multi-Purpose 8ft Booth​

Multi-Purpose JCS Booth​



SAS-branded merchandise (swag) includes everything from caps and coffee mugs to stickers and buttons. These items may be someone’s first encounter with SAS as a company. Because they can appear anywhere from the beach to someone’s kitchen, these items create an impression and drive awareness.