Co-branding is an increasingly effective way to open new sales channels.

Occasionally, co-branded marketing collateral is required to support this effort. Co-branding in this context means merging SAS’ product messaging and visual brand identity with that of partner organizations.

SAS currently practices co-branding with some large global partners like Accenture, Intel and Deloitte.

The SAS® Partner Program creative guide offers guidance for the look and feel of co-branded materials produced for the SAS Partner Program.

SAS® Partner Program Spirograph Art

This artwork, informally called the "spirograph," visually represents the synergy created by our partnerships. The illustration provides color, texture, continuity and visual interest to partner creative work and is used in most co-branded materials. Please refer to the SAS Partner Program creative guide for usage guidelines.

SAS® Partner Program Wordmark

The Power of the Partner type treatment is an optional element that can be used to promote the SAS Partner Program or to emphasize the strength of our collaborative partnerships. Please refer to the SAS Partner Program creative guide for usage guidelines. 

Co-Branded PowerPoint Template

We’ve created a special version of the corporate PowerPoint template for partner use. This template features the Power of the Partner wordmark on the title slide and highlights potential areas for partner logos for co-branded presentations.

LinkedIn Social Banners

Banners are for use by SAS partners or employees. Banners can be uploaded to personal or corporate social media profiles.




We currently have three collateral templates for partners. Please consider these templates as starting points as not all content will fit within them. You are encouraged to adjust as needed. The main purpose of these templates is to ensure that the spirograph art and logos are positioned correctly. The spirograph art must be used on the cover page but is optional on subsequent pages.




Planning Co-Branded Materials

There are no predetermined standards for creating co-branded marketing materials with a partner for the first time. Each relationship is unique; therefore, communication with each partner is critical to creating collateral standards that both parties can endorse. Each company wants to be presented in the best way possible, and each is concerned with protecting its own brand. Forthright conversations about a few key aspects of producing co-branded collateral can help the process flow smoothly.

Establish some basic parameters before you begin

  • Decide who from each organization will be responsible for the writing, design and production of each piece of collateral, and ensure that the individuals involved have been introduced to each other and understand their roles in the process.
  • Institute a review and approval plan.
  • Publish the names of individuals from each organization who must approve both content and design.
  • Determine how the brand components from each organization will be presented:
    • Designate which company logo will appear first.
    • Establish a color palette.
    • Identify a design style and format.
  • Share any mandatory parameters for using corporate brand assets (rules for using corporate logos, for example).
  • Ensure that SAS is positively referenced in the content before applying our logo to a partner’s collateral.
  • Get approval from Global Partner Marketing for content about us or use of our logo.
  • Ensure that a contract for using the SAS logo is in place before allowing a partner to display it.

SAS preferences for co-branded collateral

While the above strategy will yield collateral that both companies can work with, the following guidelines represent SAS’ corporate preferences for co-branded collateral. Download the SAS Partner Program creative guide for more information on the following parameters:

  • Logo guidelines: The SAS logo and the partner’s logo should be the same relative visual size and displayed on the same level, which illustrates an equal partnership.
  • Color guidelines: Co-branded materials use the 2016 SAS color palette.

Co-Branded Samples

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