At SAS, we love bold questions. And when we combine our analytics leadership with the innovative technology and expertise of our partners, we help our customers turn data into answers. That’s the kind of curiosity that moves the world forward. That’s the Power of the Partner.

The SAS® Partner Program creative guide offers guidance for the look and feel of co-branded materials produced for the SAS Partner Program.

All SAS collateral templates are designed for accessibility. See our guidelines. 

Co-Branding Elements

Marketing assets created for the SAS® Partner Program use the same visual elements (photography and illustration), typography and color palette as general SAS branding. Refer to the SAS Brand Creative Guide for details.

Partner program assets should also include the circle mark and the Power of the Partner logo, if space allows. Additional design guidelines for promotional materials that include the logos of partner companies are presented in this guide.

The Circle Mark

This artwork, informally called the "circle mark," provides color, texture, continuity and visual interest to partner creative work. The interconnected circles represent the synergy that comes from partnership – an entity that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Usage guidelines

  • The circle mark should be an accent rather than a dominant element in a visual design.
  • You may adjust the position, size and transparency of the mark.
  • You may show the full mark or a cropped version on any edge or corner of a layout, photograph or digital illustration.
  • Avoid using more than two circlemark graphics in a single layout or page.

Power of the Partner Logo and Boilerplate Text

The Power of the Partner logo and the boilerplate text are a required element on many co-branded marketing materials, including: Collateral, e-books infographics, Partner pages on (, The PartnerNet portal (

These elements should be placed at the end of the asset, for example, near the bottom of the final page of a solution brief or at the bottom of a web page. They should not be used in materials where there is insufficient space to include them or where they will distract from the primary message.

PartnerNet Logo

The SAS® Partner Program creative guide contains everything you need to create brand compliant materials for the SAS Partner Program. It also contains templates and guidelines for SAS-created or SAS-funded co-branded marketing materials with and for SAS Partner Program members.

All SAS collateral templates are designed for accessibility. If the work is transferred to an outside agency, then the agency is required to ensure compliance. See our guidelines.

Agencies working with a SAS marketer should contact to connect you with a SAS brand liaison to help you with any questions you may have as you work to create these materials and ensure a smooth process.  

Co-Branded PowerPoint Template

The co-branded Microsoft Powerpoint template is a modified version of the SAS template. It includes the partner program circle mark and slides that feature the Power of the Partner logo.


Global SAS Platinum Partner Templates

Global SAS Platinum partners receive a top-tier treatment.

Combined logo graphics for these partners should be used in all co-branded materials for these companies. However, if more than two partners are featured on a co-branded asset, the logos should be positioned on the same baseline and sized to be visually equivalent, but no vertical rules should be used between the logos. This treatment is only used for global SAS Platinum partners. Please read the guidelines carefully.




All other partners

Cobranded collateral templates include a brief, a white paper and an e-brochure. Both are formatted for either print or digital distribution. The brief template can be used for a variety of collateral types. Please read the guidelines for more information about how to use these templates.

SAS Power of the Partner Letterhead


Co-Branding Stamp Graphics

Partners of all levels can use these graphic “stamps” on sales materials created by SAS. This stamp is primarily used for white papers, but can be used on other SAS collateral of interest to potential joint customers. When desired, the level of the partner (Silver, Gold or Platinum) is indicated in the text of the graphic.