SAS Master Logo

Two primary elements constitute the SAS logomark: the S-mark and the SAS word mark. They almost always appear together, with few exceptions. Because both the S-mark and the SAS word mark are individually registered trademarks, each component must carry a registered trademark symbol. This logomark appears over creative artwork and always appears in SAS Midnight Blue.

We use our logo in a consistent way, but we recognize the need for variation. By using the defined set of options here, we achieve consistency while allowing the flexibility to best reflect our brand in different scenarios.

Format and Color Options

SAS Logo Requests for Use by Third Parties

Other companies and organizations often request our corporate logo for use on promotional and other materials where SAS is a sponsor or participant, such as listings on conference brochures, signage, booth headers, and websites. When entities other than SAS display our logo on materials they produce and distribute, we define such instances as third-party use. 

We follow a standard process for requests by SAS sponsors for a third-party to display of our logo. First, SAS sponsors must submit an internal request to share our logo with a third party for a specific purpose. After a request by a SAS sponsor is reviewed and approved, we issue a one-time usage license to the third party. Logo files, license, and usage guidelines are sent directly to the third party; the SAS sponsor is informed when the materials have been sent.

Note: SAS typically does not share the logo format that includes The Power to Know® tagline with third parties; that format is usually reserved for materials produced by SAS, with few exceptions. 

(Logo submission form is available to SAS employees only.)


Logo Package for SAS Employees

SAS employees and others who have been granted credentials may download a package of SAS logos and usage guidelines. Please read and follow the guidelines so that this important symbol of our brand is displayed correctly. 

DO NOT DOWNLOAD FOR EXTERNAL USE, YOU WOULD BE PUTTING THE SAS IDENTITY AT RISK: If you need a SAS logo for use by a third party, please submit a request here.

For more information on color, spacing and application please reference the SAS Brand Creative Guide.

SAS® Viya® Logos

The SAS Viya logo was developed to reinforce our brand and complement our corporate logo. All promotions for the latest release of SAS Viya should use this logo in place of the old cloud logo and wordmark. The SAS Viya icon remains available for occasions when you need a visual representation of the platform.

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 Logos

The SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 wordmark should not be treated as a tagline, nor should it be connected to, or act as a replacement for, the SAS logo.




Promotional Logos for Customers and Fans

SAS customers who use our software like to show it! Powered by SAS marks are available for use by qualified customers. And fans of SAS who like to show their appreciation of our software on social media can display the SAS Fan logo.

Qualified customers requesting to use these logos should download them directly from the promotional images page.

For use by qualified customers who wish to show that their product is powered by the SAS Platform. 

For anyone who wants to show their love for SAS on social media channels.

For use by qualified customers who wish to show that they use SAS Analytics in their organization or business. 

As a recognized users group, you may promote your relationship with SAS by displaying the official SAS users group badge. 

Sub-brand Logos

Generally, SAS does not brand divisions or departments with unique logos. We all work for one company, and our master corporate logo represents all of SAS.

There are a few exceptions. Divisions that provide services and/or offerings to customers sometimes need a distinguishing visual identifier, and therefore may display a sub-brand logo when appropriate. These divisions meet the following criteria:

  • They have a revenue stream independent of SAS’ primary software sales.
  • They provide services, products or activities that may be associated with software sales or as part of an overall solution sale.
  • They have a market presence that is independent of SAS’ primary software sales.

All sub-brand designations must be approved by the Chief Marketing Officer. Currently, the SAS Federal division meets all the requirements for a sub-brand logo.

Note: Requests for sub-brand logos and files should be made to

SAS Developer Logos

SAS Developer Logo graphics are designed as a reflection of the developer’s experience with SAS. These designs target the open-source community. They are intended for use by anyone promoting SAS integration with open-source developers. This includes those across the SAS organization (e.g. R&D, Marketing, Pre-sales, Customer success).

These logos are also used to promote developer-focused SAS web properties, including:,, and

Anniversary Logos

Choose from several different designs, in five year increments, to celebrate the anniversaries of SAS office locations.