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This guide is about our SAS Hackathon creative: what it is, why it matters, and how we want people to perceive the event and SAS brand. It establishes the event’s voice as well as the look and feel.

Together, we can tell the SAS Hackathon story using consistent communications and creative elements that strengthen our messages and reputation.

By using this guide and the assets available, you convey the brand and make the event experience even better. Additional assets will be added to this collection soon.


The Hackathon wordmark should not be treated as a tagline, nor should it be connected to, or act as a replacement for, the SAS logo.

Email Signature

HTML is our preferred format for emails. Plain text is also acceptable. Please use the approved template below. Open the .oft file for PC or the .emltpl file for Mac. Select all and then copy the signature. Open a new email in Outlook and then click Insert > Signature > Signatures to paste the signature into a new or existing signature.

Social Tiles

On Demand Social Tiles

Generic Social Tiles

Webinar Social Tiles

Generic Animated Social Tiles

Hackathon Social Tiles
Hackathon Social Tiles
Hackathon Social Background for Stories

Tracks Animated Social Tiles

Hackathon Animated Social Tiles
Hackathon Animated Social Tiles
Hackathon Animated Social Tiles

Industry Track Social Tiles

Mentor Social Tiles

Participant Social Tiles

Jury Social Tiles

Award Social Tiles

LinkedIn Personal Social Banner

This banner is for use by SAS employees only. Employees can upload them to their personal social media profiles.