The creative guide helps to establish the look and feel for SAS® Global Forum 2021. Together, we can create consistent promotions that reflect the personality of the conference and establish a strong event identity.

In the creative guide, you’ll find the narrative and a collection of essential elements as well as how we want people to perceive us. Also, you’ll see practical applications of the creative.

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The SASGF wordart should not be treated as a tagline, nor should it be connected to, or act as a replacement for, the SAS logo.

Email Signature

HTML is our preferred format for emails. Plain text is also acceptable. Please use the approved template below. Open the .oft file for PC or the .emltpl file for MAC. Select all and then copy the signature. Open a new email in Outlook and then click Insert > Signature > Signatures  to paste the signature into a new or existing signature.

Word Doc Template

Social Tiles

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Musical Entertainment

Program Elements

Employee Social Banners

  • Banners are for use by SAS employees only.
  • Employees can upload them to their personal social media profiles.

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