Our brand is a direct representation of who we are. It lives in our words and images, our behavior and in every decision we make. It’s an ongoing story — and when we all express that story consistently and meaningfully, we strengthen our messages, our reputation and our ability to connect with more audiences.

All JMP collateral templates are designed for accessibility. See our guidelines.

JMP Brand Logos

Color option with tagline

Vertical color option with tagline

Color option without tagline

Option with tagline for dark backgrounds

Vertical option with tagline for dark backgrounds

Option without tagline for dark backgrounds

The JMP Mark

The jumping figure in the JMP logo is a distillation of the JMP brand. Known as the JMP mark, this figure can be used as a visual element in the design of digital and print promotional and marketing materials. The JMP mark can also be used as a favicon for JMP web assets or on social media.



Appropriate uses of the JMP figure include app icons, software interfaces and social media avatars.


Special Variations of the JMP Logo

InsideJMP logo

The InsideJMP logo is used exclusively on the InsideJMP website.

JMP Live logo

Special Variations of the JMP Logo

This logo is used on the JMP Live platform as well as on materials promoting JMP Live. The version with the tagline should be used whenever possible; the version without the tagline may be used when the tagline is too small for legibility.

JMP Public logo

This logo is used on the JMP Public platform, as well as materials promoting JMP Public. The version with the tagline should be used whenever possible; the version without the tagline may be used when the tagline is too small for legibility.

JMP Partner Program Logos

We invest in relationships with partners so our users, no matter where they are in the world, can get the most out of their investment in JMP products. Our partners are teachers, consultants, industry experts and JMP scripters. Each has been certified by JMP Product Managers, which means that we are proud to call them partners, and our users can be confident in the services they provide.

Color Palette

Color expresses a brand’s mood. Before people read a single word, they see and feel it. Color stirs emotion instantly. Use it to evoke feeling, to create a sense of excitement and wonder. To spark creativity and a desire for discovery.

Base Colors

JMP's base color palette provides foundational colors that are used primarily for text elements. They provide a neutral base to offset the vibrant colors. Classic blue is used for the JMP mark and has historically been a primary color for the JMP brand. It is used for hyperlinks on the web and in digital materials, including collateral such as solution briefs and white papers.

Dark Gray
R23 G35 B40
HEX# 172328
C82 M67 Y60 K70

Medium Gray
R68 G84 B93
HEX# 44545D
C82 M67 Y60 K70

Light Gray
R143 G152 B158
HEX# 8F989E
C82 M67 Y60 K70

Classic Blue
R3 G120 B205
HEX# 0378CD
C83 M49 Y0 K0

Vibrant Colors

JMP's vibrant colors are energetic and inviting. They signify action, change and progress. They convey promising possibilities. And they represent a diverse, global JMP community.

Dark Green
R0 G121 B64
HEX# 0D782F
C89 M28 Y98 K16

Light Blue
R97 G202 B229
C55 M0 Y9 K0

Light Green
R156 G203 B59
C44 M0 Y100 K0

Dark Purple
R100 G54 B149
HEX# 643695
C82 M67 Y60 K70

Dark Teal
R0 G116 B129
HEX# 007481
C88 M40 Y42 K10

Light Purple
R157 G87 B163
HEX# 9D57A3
C42 M78 Y0 K0

Light Teal
R62 G189 B172
C68 M0 Y41 K0

Dark Red
R177 G26 B41
HEX# B11A29
C21 M100 Y94 K12

Light Red
R240 G74 B75
C0 M86 Y71 K0

R244 G119 B35
HEX# F47723
C0 M66 Y98 K0

R255 G198 B10
C0 M23 Y98 K0


Gradient colors can be used as background elements to showcase important content or in materials that need to draw the eye, such as advertising and tradeshow signage.

Color Blends and Icon Illustrations for JMP Products

These gradients should should be used for materials that exclusively promote JMP products. When possible, include the icons with the desktop monitor illustrations as an accent graphic.

JMP Data Visualization Art

The library of JMP data visualization art is drawn from actual JMP software analyses and reports. JMP users, data scientists and analytics professionals are familiar with these graphic styles, and these illustrations quickly communicate the power and beauty of JMP software. They are the primary visual element in JMP design work and are used alone and in combination with vibrant color gradients and photography.

Bar Chart

Parallel Plots

Bivariate Fit


City Charts

Scatterplot Dense


Wave Chart

Linear Regression

Linear Reg. Icons

Data Visualization Art Color Variations

Each of the JMP data visualization illustrations is available in a full range of vibrant colors from the JMP color palette, plus white and light gray. A selection of multiple color combinations are also available, and designers are encouraged to create their own unique combination of colors to suit a particular design.

PowerPoint Templates




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