Product & Program Brands

JMP® is marketed as both a stand-alone product and as a powerful visual component of SAS software. For this reason, JMP has its own visual brand identity. JMP visual identity has been carefully designed to complement SAS visual identity.

We commit substantial resources and research to the JMP product. John Sall, Executive Vice President of SAS, leads the JMP software development team. Commitment to accuracy, value, and quality is evident in every JMP software release. JMP training, technical support, contracts, licensing, distribution and all customer-related activities are provided through SAS worldwide.

SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 is an industry leading Martech suite that lets organizations manage interactions along the customer journey in a more personalized and profitable way. The capabilities in our portfolio enable organizations to achieve continued marketing success: marketing data management, planning, journey activation, embedded analytics, and extending marketing impact across the organization—all powered by SAS’s hybrid marketing architecture.

SAS® Viya® has evolved greatly over the past four years. With SAS Viya 4, it has fundamentally been rebuilt to deliver the future of analytics — a perfect time to update the identity and graphic treatments for the upcoming SAS Viya launch and beyond.

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