SAS® Viya®

SAS® Viya® has evolved greatly over the past four years. With SAS Viya 4, it has fundamentally been rebuilt to deliver the future of analytics — a perfect time to update the identity and graphic treatments for the upcoming SAS Viya launch and beyond.

The new identity and use of a SAS Viya icon are in lockstep with our current work to focus on increasing awareness and changing perception of SAS and of SAS Viya as our technology cornerstone.

The SAS Viya logo was developed to reinforce our brand and complement our corporate logo. All promotions for the latest release of SAS Viya should use this logo in place of the old cloud logo and wordmark. The SAS Viya icon remains available for occasions when you need a visual representation of the platform.


Conquer your analytics challenges, from experimental to mission-critical, with faster decisions in the cloud. SAS Viya enables everyone – data scientists, business analysts, developers and executives alike – to collaborate, scale and operationalize insights, everywhere.

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