Product & Program Brands

Jmp Logo with Tagline

JMP® is marketed as both a stand-alone product and as a powerful visual component of SAS software. For this reason, JMP has its own visual brand identity. JMP visual identity has been carefully designed to complement SAS visual identity.

We commit substantial resources and research to the JMP product. John Sall, Executive Vice President of SAS, leads the JMP software development team. Commitment to accuracy, value, and quality is evident in every JMP software release. JMP training, technical support, contracts, licensing, distribution and all customer-related activities are provided through SAS worldwide.

Curriculum Pathways logo with Provided by SAS tagline

SAS was founded in academia and has maintained strong ties to the academic community. Those ties grew stronger in 1996 when the company's founders looked back to the classroom and asked: Can the expertise we have developed over the past few decades enable us to produce technologies that enhance learning? The answer – an enthusiastic YES – came only after deliberating with educators. Curriculum Pathways® is the result of those deliberations.

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