The marketing assets on this page highlight our AI-focused positioning and creative direction, which are centered on AI’s ability to augment and enhance human efforts and creativity.

They emphasize our fundamental belief that human intelligence is the foundation of AI, and that the true potential of AI lies with us. By grounding the conversation in real people and real issues, we hope to distinctly position our AI message in a crowded marketplace and show the exponential possibilities of humans and AI working together.


To unify the imagery within this global campaign, all photography should be desaturated to black and white. Black and white levels have tonal contrast, but not overly dynamic. A color wash is applied to visually match SAS Midnight Blue. 



Elements such as radiance, gradient, headline treatment.

Believe in Humans Radiance
Believe in Humans Headline Black
Believe in Humans gradient
Believe in Humans Headline White
Cover slide - Believe in Humans

PowerPoint presentation imagery and graphics.

NOTE: SAS employees can find all other PowerPoint templates and finished presentations ready for use on the internal Sales & Marketing Portal. (Resource available only to those with a valid SAS User ID.)


Advertising imagery and graphics.


Social media imagery and graphics.

Believe in Humans Wildtrack Social Tile

Tradeshow Booths

Tradeshow booth graphics and templates.

Believe in Humans JCS Booth
Believe in Humans Expolinc Booth

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