Global Workplace Branding

Providing beautiful spaces for employees to work in has always been a priority for SAS. Many buildings feature both relaxed, quiet settings and flexible, collaborative spaces. We know that both environments are needed to foster creativity and innovation. We believe in sustainable materials and practices. Our office designs are modern and energetic, using natural light, glass, wood and other natural materials. Our public spaces are inviting and uncluttered. 

The elements in this creative guide are not intended for use as marketing materials but only as corporate real estate art. If you have any questions, please work with the Corporate Real Estate team and/or email the brand team



This version of the tagline is intended for corporate real estate purposes and should not be used on marketing materials.

Know Graphic on Glass Wall
Color Pop Blue Training

Values and Brand Framework

Inspire employees by reminding them the brand framework and the shared values we live as a company.


These are another way to inspire employees and create a color accent in the office.

Employer Brand

These elements are used in recruiting efforts and to tell potential employees more about who we are.

Employer Brand Dots Illustration Mixed

Building Signage

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