Who We Are

Our brand is about connecting to who we are, what we believe and the values that unify us.

– Susan Ellis, SAS Brand Director

We are modernizing the story of SAS and strengthening our brand every day. Taking a look into the future without ever losing the core of who we have been for more than four decades. We are reconnecting with our values and why we exist by providing clarity to every employee around our shared purpose, vision and mission.

Learn it.

To be our brand, we must know our brand.

SAS means something to each of us – and we don’t always define it the same way. That’s why we have worked hard to develop resources that refine and express our beliefs about who we are as a company. The best place to start exploring the results of that effort are pieces like our brand summary and Curiosity Is Our Code, which provides a forward-looking context for the SAS story.

Live it.

Opportunities abound every day – in every job.

Not every one of us develops or delivers the software we’re famous for. Yet by embodying our company values in our day-to-day work, each of us helps SAS deliver on our mission and promise. Consider how you can be more curious, passionate, authentic and accountable in the work you do, and encourage those you work with to do the same. Start conversations with your manager and coworkers about ways we can all help bring these values to life.

Share it.

How we interact is what brings our brand to life.

Through our relationships with customers and with one another, we get the opportunity every day to manifest the company values that make our brand more than just words on a page. As a company, we demonstrate it through things like Data for Good, corporate citizenship or customer stories. Every one of those big-picture successes start with the individual actions we take while working at SAS.


Be curious.