All about our interactive brand storytelling site

Curiosity is an inviting, brand-level channel for journalism and interactive experiences designed to engage anyone who is curious about what is possible with analytics and how it can be used to make the world a better place. 

The purpose of the site is not to sell software, but to foster brand engagement and demonstrate our passion for analytics by sharing fascinating, highly visual stories of our customers and partners that are addressing important the societal issues.

Whether you’re a marketer on top of the latest technology trends, a data scientist working on a passion project, or a communicator already helping to share the SAS story, we want to connect with you as we create inspiring, compelling content that shows the world what we stand for.

The Pitch

A good way to think about whether a story or idea is a good match for Curiosity is by expressing it as what we call an “irresistible question.” Think of this as an elevator-pitch “headline” that demonstrates a compelling content angle. Some examples include:

  • Are we prepared to raise a generation of data natives?
  • Can we show how exposure to synthetic chemicals affects our health?
  • How do you measure the real-world effects of social-impact art?
  • Can we use computer vision to maximize bees’ access to food?

How can I pitch a story, share an idea or discuss promoting Curiosity content?

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