The social media creative guide provides you with the essentials for representing the SAS Brand on social.

Learn how to create or request graphics for sharing SAS content, and how to write posts in the SAS voice and tone.

SAS employees can access assets and social media education through the Social Media Portal for use on their personal profiles. LinkedIn profile imagery can be found here.

Social Media Tiles

Social media tiles are graphics designed to provide a quick and effective way to share organic content on social media channels. A tile may contain: a data point, illustration, quote, photo, product screenshot, and more. Whatever the content, it's made to fit your social media channel with the right dimensions and branding.

Think of them as small bits of content. A way to relay information quickly. Text should be no longer than a sentence or two. Because on social media, you have as little as eight seconds to get your message.

Layout Options

There are several layout options for the information you wish to share. Choose the one that best fits your audience and your message.  

For completed, ready-to-use assets please visit the GMS asset library and filter by asset type, Social Tile or search by keyword. You can also utilize existing tiles in the Sprinklr platform if you have a seat.





Building Our Collection

Social media tiles are managed and distributed via Sprinklr, a social planning and publishing platform. You can help us add to our collection. You may have a great idea for a new tile, or you may need one as part of a marketing campaign. But first, check with us to ensure that what you have in mind hasn't already been created. 

How to Request Tiles

If you have determined that the tile you want is not in our current collection, you can request a new one from Corporate Creative via the Global Marketing System (GMS).

When your tile is final, work with your regional Sprinklr lead to publish it.


Social Post Style Guide

Our writing for social media should generally follow the style outlined in the Voice section of the Brand Creative Guide.

Here are some additional guidelines for social:

  • Clarity above all else
  • Always be concise
  • Don’t forget to tag/mention
  • Use hashtags in moderation
  • Don’t overthink it


Social Avatars

SAS avatars for your social media page are included in the template files. Countries can customize the avatar layout when it is important to distinguish the origin of the information you share.

Social Avatars for Pride Month

The SAS Pride avatar is available for download. If you have a team member that can use Adobe Photoshop, they can add your country using Avenir Next W1G Medium. If you need assistance and don't have a graphics team member to help, please reach out to the Brand Team at with your country handle (twitter) or country name (Facebook) request. 

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