Updated March 2024

E-books are a type of sales collateral, similar to white papers in that they cover a broad range of topics. But they are less formal, less sales-driven and more visually interesting than white papers. They should tell an enticing story, taking a unique tone, style and approach. They can be gated (requiring registration) or ungated on sas.com. E-books are frequently educational in nature, and can provide thought leadership, expertise, insights and/or best practices. Some e-books are compilations of related sas.com Insights articles. Topics can include:
  • Key (often new or perplexing) business issues.
  • Emerging technologies. Persona-based challenges.
  • Trends in an industry or technology/solution area.

All SAS collateral templates are designed for accessibility. See our guidelines.

When to Request

E-books are created to establish credibility and trust. They should only be requested as fulfillment for a specific campaign, event or other marketing activity when there is a compelling subject that is best explained in a visual, less formal way than white papers. A strong and ongoing promotion plan, including social media, is extremely important since e-books require intense time and effort from writing and design resources. For questions about when to produce an e-book, and to learn more about the options, contact sas.brand@sas.com.