SAS Logo Request for Third Parties


We have a new process and a new form. Please see our FAQ below.

Q: What is the definition of 3rd Party in this context?
A: Other companies and organizations often request our corporate logo for use on promotional and other materials where SAS is a sponsor or participant, such as listings on conference brochures, signage, booth headers, and websites. When entities other than SAS display our logo on materials they produce and distribute, we define such instances as third-party use. 

Q: What is the big deal? Why do I have to submit a form to send the SAS logo to someone outside of SAS?
A: As the most visible form of our brand identity, the SAS logo represents the intellectual resources, high standards and corporate values we have put into our software products since 1976. To help us maintain the high standards the SAS brand has come to represent to our customers. We ask that you, our employees, observe the guidelines set out in this request process. You agree that you will use the logo package delivered upon submission of this form solely for the purpose you document therein. You agree that you will not retain or share copies of these logos, or any other contents of the .zip file in your personal possession for any future use. It is incumbent upon all SAS employees to help legally protect this most valued asset and ensure that it will continue to represent the high standards of our company. If you have any questions or concerns about your ability to comply with these guidelines, contact

Q: What happened to the link to the SAS logo form in GMS and on the CMR page? I cannot find it anywhere!
A: The form for requesting the SAS Logo for a 3rd party is now in Service Now. This is a faster, more streamlined process that will be easier to follow.

Q: What is different about the new SAS logo request process?
A: It is a totally different process, so please read the information on the form carefully. After you submit the short form, assuming you have completed it in its entirety, and uploaded the supporting documentation, check your email! You will receive the logo package which includes the logo art/files, legal license, and usage guidelines for the use of your third party in an email that you must forward verbatim to your third party.

Q: What do I do if I do not have the specific supporting documentation that is requested?
A: When you answer “No” to that question, you will see this statement, “Without documentation of the third-party relationship, your request will require further review by the logo fulfillment team. After submitting this form, a member of the team will contact you within 48 hours (USA business time).” Please go ahead and submit the form. In most cases, it won’t take long for the review process. The logo team may need to consult with our partner on the legal team. This is not anything new, so don’t worry!

Q: If I have been instructed to upload the SAS logo to my 3rd party’s website, why do I have to enter the 3rd party contact information and do I still have to email them the logo package? WHY?
A: You are required to email the logo package directly to your 3rd party contact (even if you are required to upload it per their process) because it contains a legal document (Permission to Use the SAS Logo) and brand design guidelines.

Q: Why is my 3rd party contact being asked to send the SAS logo team a proof (example of the use of the SAS logo)?
A: This is not new. We have always asked them to send us a proof. The instructions are clear, and we tell them what email address to send it to. If they send it to you, please respond to them and ask them to send it directly to We prefer that they send it directly, than for you to forward it to us.

Q: If I need the logo for a white paper, I probably won’t have any supporting documentation. How long will it take for that to be approved?
A: Not long. That is a typical request without documentation.