Design Elements


The SAS logo is our company’s distinctive visual identifier, the quickest way to say SAS, a shorthand version of our brand.
It sparks instant recognition.

Our logo is also our stamp of approval, endorsement and recommendation. We protect it and use it with care and consistency.


Color expresses a brand’s mood. Before people read a single word, they see and feel it. Color stirs emotion instantly.

We are a global brand with a diverse, yet cohesive color system that expresses our personality across cultures and contexts.


Typefaces have personalities. They are not merely individual characters. The attributes of type bring visual character to our voice.

Our primary typeface is Anova. Simple and elegant, yet relaxed and easy to read, it communicates without frills and flourishes.


Photography, icons, illustrations and textures. Every picture tells a story, each in a different way. Images can elicit emotion, use symbolism, or explain details.

At times the purpose of an image might be to simply color and visual interest or a particular feeling or tone.