Brand Imagery

“If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.”

– Albert Einstein

Illustrations: Radiance

It’s our brand illustration that expresses clarity, optimism and illumination. The new possibilities that emanate from a single data point. The positive potential in finding an answer for the first time. The moment when analytics lets you see and do something you couldn’t before. We use radiance to add color, texture, and continuity to our brand work. 

Illustrations: Lumina

The lumina series of illustrations represent the brilliance that can be brought to light in your data with analytics. The illustrations use the same dot motif as radiance but are composed in an irregular grid that is more organic than radiance. Use the lumina illustrations as a secondary element to complement our radiance illustration.

Lumina illustrations for use in corporate PowerPoint presentations can be found here.

Illustrations: Epiphany

The epiphany series of illustrations portrays how our software enables you to find answers in your data. They pair graphic representations of data relationships with a dot motif and other patterns. They use flat colors of different opacity to create a sense of depth.

Epiphany illustrations for use in corporate PowerPoint presentations can be found here.


Whatever the subject of our photographs, the primary requirement for our brand is authenticity. Pictures that represent SAS should be warm and rich in tone, and credible and realistic in content.

The SAS customer community is ­diverse. ­Portraits can ­portray a broad variety of personas: ­students, ­technology experts, industry and business professionals and ­executives. SAS is for everyone.

We choose environmental and landscape images that are unique, stunning in their ­beauty or unusual in composition. These photos may or may not feature people.

Objects should appear as realistic as possible. Show them against a setting that makes sense. As a general rule, do not show objects in isolation or silhouetted against a solid-­colored background. 

Read more about our photography style in the Brand Creative Guide and SAS employees can access SAS-owned assets through MARS.


Our icons are instant visual representations for industries, technologies or ideas. They are created with thin strokes and flat color to evoke a clean, minimalistic feel that allows them to do what icons do best — act as symbols that catch the eye and speed understanding, without telling the full story themselves. SAS Corporate Creative maintains a propreitary, custom-built icon library in this preferred style. 

Icons for use in corporate PowerPoint presentations can be found here.

Textures and Gradients

Our graphical textures can help set a mood. Whether used statically or in motion, they create sophisticated visual nuance, movement, and energy. Interesting blends of color engage the eye and make backgrounds more immersive.

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