You don’t want to miss this! We’re going all in on a world tour. All in on AI. And all in on your success.

The data and AI experience for business leaders, technical users and SAS partners.

At SAS Innovate on Tour, there's something for everyone and every role – from top executives to in-the-trenches data crunchers to our partners across industries.

Whether you’re flying solo or heading to the nearest Tour stop with your entire team, it's a no-risk, all-reward opportunity to learn how to succeed with AI and analytics.

Give us some time at SAS Innovate on Tour, and we know you’ll be all in on AI, too

Color Palette

SAS Blue
HEX #0766D1
R7 G102 B209
C90 M48 Y0 K0
PMS 285

Midnight Blue
HEX #032954
R3 G41 B84
C100 M69 Y8 K54
PMS 295

Medium Blue
HEX #4398F9
R67 G152 B249
C56 M32 YO KO

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0  

Hackathon Orange
HEX #FF8224
R255 G130 B36
C0 M60 Y94 K0
PMS 1495

Viya Pink
R219 G18 B125
C9 M100 Y14 K0
PMS 219

R111 G29 B239


R255 G204 B51

R127 G234 B57

NOTE: Viya pink should be used exclusively as a “register now” button. The use of Hackathon orange should be in reference to Hackathon Boot Camp at Innovate and should be used sparingly.


The Innovate wordmark should not be treated as a tagline, nor should it be connected to, or act as a replacement for, the SAS logo. Please left justify the date/location with the Innovate and placement should always be above the logo.

NOTE: The Innovate on Tour logo with the year is a secondary logo and should be utilized only on social tiles, badge design & swag.  All other assets should utilize the primary Innovate on Tour logo.

Innovate On Tour wordmark usage with date/location