Innovation doesn’t happen without change. It’s a positive outcome born of uncertainty. An optimistic perspective on disruption. And out of transformative times, a new era of business emerges for the innovative leader.

Next-generation leaders encourage curiosity and hold an absolute appreciation for data-driven decision making. They know analytics enables proactive, adaptive approaches to survive the unplanned and leads to new ways to solve business challenges. 

Looking ahead, it will be the agile and resilient leaders who develop better customer experiences, nurture tomorrow’s workforce and embrace digitalization to create a competitive advantage.

Stay curious: The best leaders always do. At SAS Innovate, an analytics experience for business, discover how to move the world forward. Lead the way. 

THEME: Move the world forward. Lead the way.


Lead with white space. White space isn’t always white. Use an open background with a simple layout that is not cluttered with too many design elements. Use blue as the main accent. SAS Classic Blue along with it’s shades and tints should be used whenever possible in your palette. Use blue to create hierarchy and balance within the composition. Limit use of secondary color. Teal is the secondary color. It can be used in the art as an accent color.

RGB 255/255/255
HEX #ffffff
C0 M0 Y0 K0

SAS Classic Blue
RGB 3/120/205
HEX #0378CD
C83 M49 Y0 K0

SAS Midnight Blue
RGB 4/48/75
HEX #04304b
C 100 M78 Y45 K42



Secondary color

SAS Teal
RGB 42/209/209
C63 M0 Y25 KO