Your Curiosity Matters White Dots


Employer Brand

New Employer Brand Art and Templates

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Creative assets on this page highlight our value proposition to our employees and prospects, and include our values, culture, benefits and work environment.

They convey who we are, what we stand for and why we exist. As the competition gets tougher for top talent, standing out as an employer of choice is vital to our goal of securing the future.



The stylized script used in the word “curiosity” mimics hand writing and conveys the human side of analytics. Appropriate uses include  promotional materials such as online ads, social graphics, printed brochures and handouts, signs and swag. 

Circles Illustrations

The two overlapping circles represent the energy that springs from the partnership between our company and its employees.

Dots Illustrations

The employer brand dot pattern more closely represents the data and software we create every day, and the diverse populations that make up our global team.

Employer Brand LinkedIn Banners

  • LinkedIn banners are for use by SAS employees only.
  • Employees can upload them to their personal social media profiles to help share the SAS Employer Brand.

Please see the SAS Social Media Resource Portal for more information about how to share on your LinkedIn profile.

PowerPoint Presentation Graphics