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Global Content Strategy

While many SAS employees around the world create content for many different reasons, we have an opportunity to create a truly global approach for how we create, share and use content.

This guide will present SAS’ strategies, processes and resources for planning, creating, deploying and measuring content.

How do we define content? It’s information that is packaged into a deliberate, repeatable format designed to meet a specific purpose or drive a specific action. That might be a video to increase brand awareness, a white paper to solicit a marketing lead, or a sales presentation to move an open opportunity forward.

So read, explore, and share this guide. And come back often as this living strategy evolves and grows.

Creative Briefs

A creative brief provides the creative team with a succinct overview of project objectives and the most important issues to consider in the development of marketing assets. The scope of creative brief requirements can vary; therefore, we provide two templates.On this page, you will also find examples of creative briefs and their associated creative responses. You can use these examples as working guides for upcoming projects, events, and go-to-market initiatives.

External Video Portal

Invite visitors to discover what SAS has to offer, through product overviews, demos, and tutorials in support of the customer journey. It also promotes SAS thought leadership on analytics, and allows site visitors to learn more about our company.

Careers at SAS

Share what it's like to work at SAS. Take the virtual tour, Life at SAS, on the Careers page.

Executive Bios and Photos

Current, approved biographies and photographs of primary SAS executives.

Internal Marketing Resources

The resources on this page are only accessible by SAS employees.

Public Relations
News Room

The external face of SAS.


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