Updated September 2023

The SAS Font

With its geometric roots, global versatility and charming details, Anova represents the SAS personality through letterforms.

Developed exclusively for SAS, the typeface bolsters our approachable personality and effortless authority in the analytics industry. This is represented by balanced proportions of rounded and rigid geometric elements. It is used is our marketing materials, web properties, presentations, applications, and products.

Anova is precision engineered for readability and optimized for accessibility, especially in smaller sizes required for data visualizations. The font family supports more than 200 languages.

Available weights: Light, Light Italic, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic

Alternative typeface
When a system font is required or Anova is not available, we deploy Arial. Current uses include emails and Microsoft Office applications other than PowerPoint.

Meet Anova

We believe curiosity is at the heart of human progress.

AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 0123456789!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:”<>?

Margins and Spacing

Use Anova Bold in sentence case for most applications. The tracking should be set to 0. All headlines should be set left-justified, ragged right and the leading should be 120% of the type point size.

Subheads are set in Anova Regular. A typical calculation of the text point size is a ratio of .75x of the headline size.

Margins should be .75” and equal on all sides whenever possible

Requesting Anova

Anova requests must be submitted by a SAS employee for these scenarios: 

For agencies that SAS hired to produce creative materials, the SAS employee must submit a form on behalf of the agency or third party.
For SAS employees requiring Anova for their role, the employee can request it with the plans for the usage.