To align visual branding internally and externally, all desktop wallpaper on SAS managed Windows and Mac devices has a SAS branded design. We encourage all employees to retain the SAS branded wallpaper, especially if you frequently share your desktop with customers.

SAS wallpaper provides a unified visual identity that showcases SAS’ brand and is designed to reduce visual clutter and distraction.

Our SAS primary wallpaper (version 1) and lock screen design is the blue wave design, which draws inspiration from our S-mark. The S curve is a design element that’s not just visually appealing but also evokes emotion. We’ve combined it with a gradient to create a space that feels more natural and less rigid.

Two other alternative wallpaper options are available (versions 2 & 3). These versions were inspired by the captivating artwork created for SAS Innovate 2024 and our brand design system. The overlapping circular shapes in these designs offer a unique blend of visual depth, movement, continuity and inclusiveness, evoking a deep sense of tranquility and harmony.

To change your wallpaper to other SAS-issued options, follow these instructions in the Knowledge Base articles: