Our color palette is complementary to our software. So the colors we use in our communications are derived from the same ones our customers experience when they use our products.

The SAS Midnight Blue is used in headline typography, and the SAS logomark. Tints of vibrant colors are used only as background colors. Vibrant colors should primarily be used in the foreground or midground of an image.

Color Palette

SAS Midnight Blue
RGB 4/48/75
HEX #04304b
C 100 M78 Y45 K42

RGB 255/255/255
HEX #ffffff
C0 M0 Y0 K0

40% SAS Blue
RGB 193/227/255
HEX #c1e3ff
C21 M3 Y0 K0

SAS Blue
RGB 51/163/255
HEX #33a3ff
C64 M28 Y0 K0

50% SAS Yellow
RGB 255/229/152
HEX #ffe598
C1 M8 Y48 K0

SAS Yellow
RGB 255/204/50
HEX #ffcc32
C0 M19 Y90 K0

40% SAS Orange
RGB 255/205/167
HEX #ffcda7
C 0 M22 Y34 K0

SAS Orange
RGB 255/130/36
HEX #ff8224
C 0 M61 Y94 K0

30% SAS Teal
RGB 190/241/241
HEX #bef1f1
C23 M0 Y8 KO

SAS Teal
RGB 42/209/209
HEX #2ad1d1
C63 M0 Y25 KO

40% SAS Violet
RGB 212/198/255
HEX #d4c6ff
C16 M21 Y0 K0

SAS Violet
RGB 148/113/255
HEX #9471ff
C56 M60 Y0 K0

30% SAS Red
RGB 204/204/204
HEX #f4cccc
C2 M22 Y12 K0

RGB 221/87/87
HEX #dd5757
C9 M80 Y64 K1

25% SAS Green
RGB 196/236/222
HEX #c4ecde
C22 M0 Y16 K0

SAS Green
RGB 21/181/123
HEX #15b57b
C77 M0 Y71 K0

25% SAS Pink
RGB 255/183 /222
HEX #ffb7de
C0 M35 Y0 K0

SAS Pink
RGB 255/111/189
HEX #ff6fbd
C40 M100 Y0 K0

Gradients (45° angle)

Gradient colors can be useful in color blocks and larger coverage areas. Below are some suggestions for gradients using vibrant colors and shades from our color palette. 

UI Color Palette

Our color palette brings a unified and recognizable consistency to SAS interfaces. This consistency is grounded by a set of well-defined rules about how to work with the SAS color palette in the context of our dark, light and high contrast themes.

The SAS classic blue serves as the primary action color across all SAS experiences. Additional colors are used sparingly and purposefully.

For more details, visit designsystem-snapshot.sas.com.

SAS Midnight Blue
RGB 4/48/75
HEX #04304b
C 100 M78 Y45 K42

SAS Classic Blue
RGB 3/120/205
HEX #0378cd
C83 M49 Y0 K0

SAS Slate
RGB 118/131/150
HEX #768396
C58 M43 Y30 K3

SAS Burgundy
RGB 134/19/79
HEX #86134f
C56 M60 Y44 K23

Web Color Palette

All web pages should have at least 70% white space. The foundational colors are SAS midnight, blue, slate and orange. The SAS classic blue serves as the primary link color. Orange remains the primary call to action color. You may use tints (percentages of the base color) to expand the color offerings. Do not use more than two accent colors on a page. All of the accent colors accessible when used with black copy.

For more details and specific UX elements, visit the web standards and guidelines SharePoint site.