Employee Inclusion Group Logos

Logos promoting the employee inclusion groups (EIGs) which bolster employee engagement, help SAS increase workforce representation, and foster a sense of community amongst employees with similar interests, backgrounds, or experiences. The logos are typically used to brand the EIG and raise awareness for its mission at diversity-focused events both internally and in the community.


One way you can be inclusive in your language is by respecting an individual's use of pronouns.

You can share your pronouns in a variety of ways. Adding your pronouns to your signature line in email, putting them on your business card, and adding them to LinkedIn are just a few examples. This gives you the opportunity to have people refer to you by your accurate gender identity, and also shows that you are respectful of theirs as well. Be careful about asking others for personal pronouns as this could force individuals whose gender presentation does not match their gender identity to lie or out themselves. 

If you are curious about the use of pronouns or how to be respectful about gender identity, check out mypronouns.org.

Email Signature

HTML is our preferred format for emails. Plain text is also acceptable. Please use the approved template below. Open the .oft file for PC or the .emltpl file for MAC. Select all and then copy the signature. Open a new email in Outlook and then click Insert > Signature > Signatures  to paste the signature into a new or existing signature.

Business Cards

Digital correspondence like email, texts, and phone messaging may be the most common forms of written correspondence in contemporary business culture. But business cards are the standard way of sharing contact information with customers and associates.

Templates are provided as InDesign files for SAS graphic designers. 

For SAS employees in US locations, please visit the Business Cards and Stationery page on the internal SAS site to place an order.