Reach New Heights as a Data Scientist


The data scientist lives and breathes curiosity. In fact, you might say it’s their greatest superpower. Still, this quality is often overlooked and undervalued. This campaign was designed to remind data scientists – as well as executive leadership – how valuable their curiosity is, and how SAS can support them along the way.

Graphic Elements and Color Palette

The graphic elements and color palette for this campaign create an airy and inspiring atmosphere and offer a subtle nod toward fantastical/superhero themes. Curiosity, imagination, confidence and innovation are the driving forces behind the design.

Applied individually or combined, the graphic elements should convey a balanced complexity, but never feel cluttered or confusing.

Enveloped in ample white space to provide consistent visual breaks, the campaign’s messaging and resources should be the primary focus. Use colored backgrounds sparingly to bring attention to important content and calls to action. Avoid blocks of color positioned directly adjacent to other blocks of color.

When portrait photography is used, talent should be diverse, cheerful and casually dressed, with body language that is open, positive and collaborative.

Campaign Samples

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Paid Social Tile

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Please email with questions or to request design files.