This creative playbook will give you background on the Experience 2030 campaign and provide guidance to jump-start your CX-focused marketing initiatives. You’ll find creative headlines and copy that can be used across digital and print assets; visual identity guidelines and examples; and templates for live events, as well as online assets like landing pages and emails

This playbook will give you all you need to deliver a cohesive, compelling message about SAS’ solutions for the future of customer experience.

Type Treatments

The Experience 2030 wordmark should not be treated as a tagline, nor should it be connected to, or act as a replacement for, the SAS logo.

Photography and Illustrations

SAS employees can access SAS-owned assets through MARS. Simply log in and select the Experience 2030 filter in the left column. Please contact if you need a MARS account login and include the reason for needing access.

Experience 2020 MARS Demo


PowerPoint Graphs and Charts

Charts and graphs found in the Experience 2030 global e-book.