Global Events

SAS® Global Forum

SAS Global Forum is the premier international event for SAS professionals worldwide and the largest single gathering of SAS customers and prospects. The conference promotes educational, training, networking and professional development opportunities for SAS users.

SAS Global Forum is a non-profit organization governed by an executive board that is made up of past and future conference chairs and representatives from SAS. The executive board and the conference chair determine the content direction for the conference each year. Because the conference is co-governed by users, it does not adhere strictly to the SAS brand. Instead, SAS and the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board worked together to develop creative guidelines that address core visual elements — such as the SAS Global Forum logo and color palette — that do not change from year to year. Creative flexibility is provided by allowing for art that changes annually to reflect characteristics of the host city.

SAS® Forum Events

Many offices host an annual SAS Forum event tailored to the specific needs of customers and prospects in their market. Depending on their particular goals, they invite individuals who vary in job roles from programmers and statisticians to business managers and executives. Content varies by event, but participants typically hear thought leaders share best practices, see SAS software demonstrations, learn about SAS services, and network with their peers. Attendees usually represent a mix of business industries, academia, and government.

Based on collaboration with offices around the world, Corporate Creative provides creative assets that foster greater consistency for the SAS Forum event brand. Providing continuity in event design is particularly important for global customers who may attend more than one Forum in different countries.

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